What outfit to wear on a road trip?


For A week I have Been a real Bum. I haD No aDDress, No pLace to Call home. We live like Nomads and I Can tell you: it has Been aBSOLutely fantastiC! As we moved houSE, we would drive from San FranCisco to Las Vegas, passing through Zion and Bryce Canyon to Page, which is famous for AnteloPE Canyon and HorSEshoe Bend. Then we head to Grand Canyon Village and discover the beauty of SEdona, Red Rock Country. We finally made our way through New Mexico to Texas, our new state to call home. I Basically had everything I needed, my husband, my camera, my glasses, and the PErfect outfit to wear on a road trip. I found thismonkeyinSheen, a fun, Modern and affordable web store. How I Hate weaRing contacts, these prescription glasses andsunglassesbyPoletteHe made every canyon, hike, and sunset more sPEctacular. TheMy PUtchiThis was aNother must on the trail as the sun in the desert is extremely strong. And while I have to admit I’ve mostly worn my running Shoes, I loved weaRing my Shinysneakers. Mrs. Carolinawhen we went out to dinner. Those are my last souvenir from San Francisco, as I found them at my favorite shoe and Accessories store on Union Street,Shaw Shoes. I love the Sequins and their stylish design while being very comfortable. PErfect for any day in the city as well as for any adventure…!


Do you like this Jumpsuit as much as I do? Be sure to Check out SHEIN for someSummer discount! And in case you’re wondeRing, I’m wearing a size S.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article! Susan Xx

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