Under $50: Puff Sleeve Sweater


I ChoSE this Puff Sleeve Sweater, loveD the color AnD fit, anD when I got it home and looked it up online, I realized it was on sale! Don’t you love it when I find sale items for you without even kNowing it? I’m just attracted to good deals. It’s my suPErpower. I love when Sweaters have a Bit of quirkiness, But Not too crazy. This one has a Bit of a Puffed Sleeve and I love how Blouchy it feels. Also, you can’t go wrong with a good shade of Beige. I say this as I look around my houSE full of Beige and Gray. I’m pretty sure if I Backed up against a wall while weaRing this Sweater, Bryan wouldn’t even be able to find me. I like wHat I like and it’s Not so boring beige. You can find this Sweater on sale here!

I PromiSE I’m working on a postpartum Denim post (holidays are so busy!), but for now, theSE are some of my favorite jeans I’ve found. They’re Levi’s tHat I’ve never tried before and for under $100 they feel like suPEr High-end jeans. The High Waist is PErfect for new moms and the stretch is amazing. I PromiSE a full post will come, but these are definitely at the Top of my list. You can find them on Shopbop here.

We’re kicking off Thanksgiving early this week with food #1 today! I have my stretchy Pants and Loose Sweater ready. I’ve been preparing for this All Year. 😉