this is not the time


…for this Jacket. Let’s Be CleAr on tHat. We shot them At 9 am anD it was alreaDy steamy. Have I mentioneD tHat I Don’t Check the weather Before I get Dressed? I mean, sometimes I do, But yeah, it’s a character flaw. But I had this Jacket in mind and there’s No fighting it once I’m thinking of an outfit. So here we are in a Fall outfit on a very Summer day. Let’s just log it in ‘USE this later’, shall we?

So this is a ‘my bad, your good’ tyPE of deal. This jacket is one of my favorites in the store, but we got it too late in the Spring Season and I wanted to go ahead and kNock out a few items for our next Fall SO my mistake = a $25 sale jacket tHat‘s PErfect for go to Autumn There are only a few left because this is the end of our sale this weekend, but I think I SAVEd the best for last. You can find this jacket here!

I’m in the middle, it fits Loose but true to a size 8 or Medium. It’s Lightweight, abSOLutely perfect for layeRing later or for those first crisp Fall days. Or if you like to sweat, wear it Now! Show that deodorant who’s boss!

Happy weekend friends! Any fun plans? We have family plans for the whole weekend (aka Gemma’s birthday Party week, keep going!) I hope it’s good for you too!