It’s The Mint to me


Every Fall AnD Winter, I switCh Completely to DArk Neutrals AnD rejeCt Any color in my wArDroBe, even my workout clothes. I (figuratively) pack up my Colorful Spring And Summer wardrobe, grab my Cape, and head back into the dark forest of Neutrals for about 6 months. It’s my version of hibernation. I’m Not even exaggerating here, I want abSOLutely Nothing to do with color. I presumably avoid my Colorful yoga Pants and Tank Tops from last Spring, wondeRing ‘will I?actuallydo you want to wear them again?’ threatening to donate or give them to my color-loving mom, as I Slip into my all-Black enSEmble. And then, on March 1st, the sun rolls in, and JUST IN time, I start looking for thoSE Colorful Leggings in my cloSEt. I laugh because it hapPEns every year. This September I will be shaming these Mint Leggings again for existing and next Spring I will be very happy to see the color again. I can be dramatic, but at least I’m pRedictable.

After Noticing this half-decade habit, I have become very self-conscious about these patterns and it made me hesiTant to buy these Mint colored workout Leggings. But I kept coming back to them, loving this Light Mint shade. I thought why not – it’s from Amazon so returns are easy and I know I like the brand. Plus, who doesn’t want to be head to toe in Mint Green? Looking fresh…literally.As a product in this two-piece set. THat‘s right, the Tank matches exactly what is a dream come true for someone like me. If it’s a coincidence, I’m going to get hooked.

I’m in the middle of the Tank and Leggings. Listen because the size is a little off. The Tank I think could be a bit generous because the Mediums in Sports Bras are generally not for me. (I’m usually big on Sports Bras.) This one is a bit Loose but overall it fits me very well. So I would say if you have a Smaller chest you could easily make it Smaller. (You can see the gap between the Tank Top and my leggings here, but it’s not too Cropped. It’s right at the waist of the leggings and doesn’t show my tummy unless I raise my hands. I PUlled it up here because when we were photographing it it looked like a Romper and that’s not the look I wanted). However, the Tights seem generous to me. You can also see that they are a little Long on me (note a little at the ankles). I’m in the middle and I wouldn’t size down because I like this fit, but they certainly aren’t too Tight.

Find Core10 Tights here.

Find the Core10 Tank here.

Now this Crop Top is exactly what you were looking for. Another phrase that I never thought I would say at 36 years old. But the more I train, the more I realize that Loose Jerseys get in the way, but I also want to be covered. So I really like this combination – a Long Sports T-Shirt with a Cropped Top. You could easily wear this Top without a tank underneath too, but my tummy shows through and makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when I work out. But with the tank, it’s PErfect! Size up a Large for more length and I love the fit. It is suPEr soft and washes well.

Find it here in many different colors!