Bumpdate ⥠31 weeks


HAppy SunDAy! ToDay I want to share a new pregnanCy Date as I am 31 weeks pregnant (equivalent to 7 full months). I still feel suPEr gooD anD am very exciteD aBout everything tHat is happening and will happen. We have just moved into our new houSE in Haarlem and we are so happy to settle in and get everything ready for this new chapter in our life – Becoming a family in aBout 9 weeks! Scroll down to read aBout the trip!

BumpDate ♥ 31 weeks pregnant


How far?31 weeks and 5 days already! The baby is already the size of a coconut and weighs up to 1.5 kg. We had aNother ultrasound and the baby is growing exactly like she is supposed to (#proudMommoment).

Kicking?Yeah, the baby kicks all the time, so I guess she’s going to be a very talented soccer player! However, it doesn’t make me sleepy at night and duRing the day I really enjoy her movements. I already saw my tummy move once she kicked (so weird and cool!).

How I feel?Well, it’s still very good! At least, so good that sometimes I forget I’m pregnant (is that bad?!?!?). However, I take very good care of myself by resting a lot, eating healthy and avoiding any load.

overall weight gain?Of course I gained weight, but I’m still at the same weight I was with my25 Week UpDate Date. So in total 8 kilos… However, I don’t recognize my body anymore because it has changed a lot…

The best moment of this week?The barbecue with our friends in our new home!

Strange moment this week?When I tried to PUt my Shoes on and tried to bend over, tying them was hard… It was very uncomfortable and it was like a baby screaming: hello, I’m here! It was hilarious.

Belly Button in or out?Outside..!

Cravings?Well, nothing in particular (besides no chocolate). However, I am super super thirsty all the time.

Maternity clothes?I have a couple of maternity Pants and a few Shirts, but mostly I wear Looser Dresses and Shirts from Regular collections, like this Dress. This also helps me to continue to be Susanne instead of the ‘very pregnant girl’ ;).

Name?Yes, we have the name and it’s perfect for our little one! However, we will keep it a secret until our baby is born.

ailments?Long before our move last week, I was feeling a little stressed, and that’s not good for the baby. I feel like he is already keeping my stress level in Check when my body said STop when I was overreacting. So thank you little one ♥

Any food that I am missing?Yes, I’m missing a sCroppino for dessert this Summer!!

Sleep?I sleep a lot and still, very well. Like I said, I feel great, but I’m also resting a lot.

Exercise?Still swimming 3 times a week (1500m). It’s a new exercise that I discoveRed when I was 16 weeks pregnant and I really enjoy it. It’s almost a kind of therapy, since I’m disconnected from the world and it’s just me and the baby.

Expect?Now that we’ve moved into our new home, I’m so excited to finish daycare.


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Photography byMarinke Davelaar/@Marinke_photography

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As always, thanks for reading! XoXo Susana!

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