5 basics you need for fall


(GooDthreADs Striped T-Shirt / MADewell Slim Demi-Boot JeAns / MAdewell EmiliA Flat / Madewell Sydney Tote)

I’ve Been thinking lately aBout adding more Basics to my wardroBe, whiCh may sound strange beCauSE don’t we all have Basics? I, by nature, have an affinity for the bold, the bright, the Colorful. But when I look back at my archives, the outfits tHat really inspire me are the ones tHat have a great base of staples. The simple style can be difficult to PErfect. It seems counterintuitive, but effortless styling takes, well, effort. And tHat‘s something I really want to hone in on, which means starting with the Basics. I didn’t realize it, but this outfit actually has all the Basics that I want to take advantage of for Fall. Let’s break it down.

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Black Denim

I call it: Black jean is in for Fall and Winter for Now and forever. They are a new classic and are my favorite, especially in the Winter months. Something about those last winter months makes me gravitate even more towards Gray and Black (probably my perpetual bad mood lol) and I always love Black jeans from Madewell. Madewell is probably my favorite Denim right now and the insider deals are STILL going on! You can find my pick of black denim here.

This pair gives a unique look to your typical black Skinny jeans. The Demi-boot cut provides just the right amount of rest before boots for fall, so you can layer socks or leave a little bare ankle. Also, this look works with a Flat until we are forced to wear boots. Try this style if you’re looking to break out of your Skinny jean routine, but aren’t sure about a Vintage Straight leg just yet.

Classic Stripes

You can’t go back to basics without a classic Striped Top on the list. You can’t go wrong with a Black And White Stripe or a Navy and White Stripe. (This one is Navy Blue!) Pair it with jeans, Leggings, a Midi SKIRT, a patterned SKIRT, or layer it under a Blazer or Sweater. Infinite possibiliTies for this basic. This Top works particularly well with denim and for fall through Spring. This Shirt has a thicker fabric and a generous fit. I’m on the Large size but would suggest staying True To Size for best fit.

Find this Top here.

Pointy Mules

I think you might now be a believer in Flats. Consider it the quarantine that finally kicked me out of the heel habit. And while I LOVE a good pair of heels, I’ve found a new appreciation for flats in my everyday life. Especially a pointy mule like this one here. This flooRing feels upDated and stylish, yet is easy to PUt up and wear. I love pointy planes más than the Round Toe ones just because they look so Elegant and flatteRing on me. This one is easy to wear and is a great flat for fall.

Find this mule here.

Leather bag

This year has really made me think about the suitability of my Bags more than the etiquette or style. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I have, but I’ve been more concerned with function than form. But what unites the two is a classic tote bag, especially in black Leather. The ability to throw everything away and have this style go with just about everything in my closet is a huge plus. I’ve been a fan of Madewell Bags for a Long time, but I was so excited to see a new bag style this fall. This is the Sydney Tote and maybe it’s the perfect bag: it’s big but not impossible to find your keys, it has a handle and a crossbody STRAP, and I almost want it in two colors so I can wear it every day. I look forward to carrying this bag for many years to come, just as I did the original Madewell Tote. I wore it out and then my sister gave it a few more years. Rest her soul.

Find this bag here.

LayeRed Necklaces

One of the Accessories that I have to recommend is a pretty set of layeRed Necklaces. Layered Necklaces add a nice visual feature to simple Tops like this one or Sweaters this fall. I’ve been loving this look for a while now, but this fall I’m finding out that it’s my go-to go-to in one combination or another. I have a few Necklaces that I like to switch up, but they always have a layered look. My favorite is this one from Madewell, it’s a complete set so you can combine it however you want. But Gorjana is also a favorite brand for Necklaces. This Etsy set is a great option too!

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I’ve layered the longest NeckLace in the Madewell set here with this NeckLace from Gorjana.